The actors are surrounded by people, but when they get home there’s no one to talk to

September 10 is a day dedicated to suicide prevention awareness. It’s called World Suicide Prevention Day. The purpose of this day is to spread optimism, inspire individuals with hope and courage to overcome various life challenges and support those who feel helpless, depressed or defeated. Suicidal thoughts are common; they affect many people at one time or another in their lives. In terms of career, life has become faster, especially in big cities. Additionally, suicide is increasingly becoming a regular issue in the entertainment industry. ‘Appnapan’ actor Jay Zaveri shares his thoughts on the significance of the day and his personal experiences.

“Suicide is the worst thing a person can do. And, there can be many factors including depression and mental illness like chronic health conditions, guilt, trauma, loss of substance or a person who can trigger suicidal thoughts. Tragically, so many of those who see suicide as the last option don’t really want to die, but they don’t know how to deal with the pain they are feeling. emotional pain becomes such that they see suicide as an escape option,” says Zaveri.

Personally, Zaveri shares not having faced such instances or being in such a state of mind where he had such thoughts. “If you ever have suicidal thoughts or know someone who has suicidal thoughts, you should know that without help escaping this feeling of wanting to end it is very difficult. If you find it difficult to open up to others about of your problems, we can find another way out.There is a saying that goes: “Suicide does not end the chance that life will get worse, it eliminates the possibility that it will ever get better”. who are deeply depressed and contemplating suicide usually find it hard to realize that their life can improve.If you choose to kill yourself, you eliminate future possibilities of finding happiness and enjoyment.When the mind is so dark, it may prevent you from seeing happiness, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road,” he adds.

Take medication, advise, eat well, exercise, set goals, adopt a routine, etc. helps to stay on track and get out of negative thoughts, Zaveri believes.

The actor explains, “You have to know that it’s possible to recover from feeling depressed. As far as the entertainment industry goes, it’s a show business where you get together with people all around you but in the end when you go home you are all alone and especially for the actors who are not from mumbai when they get home there is no one to talk to no family or friends and that becomes depressing. I sometimes call my friends who are not from Mumbai and make sure to communicate with them. In this time when things are moving so fast and everyone is so determined to succeed, it is always better to communicate with loved ones to stay sane The happier you stay, the less likely you are to have suicidal thoughts.