Senior Life Solutions and Huron County Suicide Prevention Coalition join forces to educate students

Photo by Connor Veenstra

Butterflies are used for Suicide Prevention Month as a symbol of hope.

Huron County Suicide Prevention Coalition/Courtesy Photo

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, and many organizations and businesses in Huron County are doing everything they can to let those suffering from depression and low self-esteem know that they are not alone. .

Senior Life Solutions of Harbor Beach Community Hospital is one such venture, partnering with the Huron County Suicide Prevention Coalition to host a “Walk of Hope” presentation and walk with students, staff and prominent members from the community. According to a statement from the community hospital, the first event will take place at Bad Ax High School on Tuesday, September 13 and the second will take place at Laker High School on Thursday, September 15. Guests will have the opportunity to learn more about mental health and connect with other members of the community, such as fire department volunteers and several ministry leaders, who will be there to show their support.

“By raising awareness and educating people about the signs that may indicate someone is having suicidal thoughts or is at risk of attempting suicide, we can help prevent suicide,” said Susan Rochefort, Senior Life Solutions Program Director. . “Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month is a time to take the time to stop and assess yourself and the people around you to make sure those who need help have access to it and do not live at risk.”

Senior Life Solutions is designed to meet the needs of people typically aged 65 or older who suffer from depression and/or anxiety related to the life changes that normally accompany aging. However, the group broke out of their usual demographics when they did their first awareness walk in May 2022 at Harbor Beach and Ubly Community Schools. Now, for September, he’s partnered with the Suicide Prevention Coalition to bring education and awareness to Bad Ax and Laker, hoping to have similar rides and presentations on an annual basis.