Peterborough filmmaker’s new work focuses on suicide prevention

A Peterborough filmmaker hopes to fund his next film via Kickstarter to tackle a difficult and sensitive subject.

The short film “Summer Turns to Fall” will address the subject of suicide through the eyes of those who are left behind and who suffer the consequences.

The aim of the film, which will last approximately one minute, is to help change the minds of people who might be considering the act, by showing that their existence means more to those around them than they first thought. ‘origin.

David Creighton, the mind behind the film, said the idea came after his own experience with suicidal thoughts in his recent past.

“It was many years ago, standing on a 15-story balcony, trying to find reasons not to jump, in one of the worst times of my life,” Creighton said.

“This movie kind of comes from the fact that what kept me from jumping was knowing it would hurt the people left behind.”

It was spring of last year when Creighton decided to start work on the film and try to raise the necessary funds to finance the development of the animation.

On average, about 10 people a day die by suicide in Canada, which adds up to about more than 3,600 a year, says Creighton, even if one person is saved by his film, it will mean he made a difference. .

“If I can change a person’s mind, the mind of a potentially suicidal person, it’s more than worth it,” he said.

Creighton added that his first film was a success thanks to crowdfunding via Kickstarter and he hopes to do the same with this project.

Creighton has about 31% outstanding to finance the film.

“The best plan for the film at this point is to go to film festivals, but unfortunately film festivals don’t come cheap, so hopefully my Kickstarter will go beyond that,” he said. he declares.

Depending on the success of the film, he says he hopes to enter it at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Ottawa Film Festival or even Cannes or Sundance.

“It’s amazing how financially barrier film festival fees could be for new filmmakers, some of these places have fees higher than the film’s budget,” Creighton said.

If his funding is insufficient, he said he would do everything in his power to ensure it materializes.

“If I can make a movie with a message, maybe I can reach people effectively,” he said.

The Kickstarter campaign is live at