Los Angeles teacher shares her own story of suicide in new book in hopes it will save other people’s lives

Alive To Thrive: Life after a suicide attempt – Our stories available to order now

Los Angeles teacher and prominent Latino woman tell story of suicide

Los Angeles teacher determined to save lives with release of new Alive to Thrive book

Dawn Bates, author, writer coach, editor and human rights activist

Dawn Bates, author, writer coach, editor and human rights activist

With more and more people choosing to take their own lives, it’s time we all found the strength to talk to each other

We don’t want to be lectured, patronized or pitied. We just need to hear that we’re going to be okay and to have some ideas on how to get to the other side.

—Erica Lopez

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A Los Angeles teacher co-authored a book to help raise awareness of the growing number of suicides in hopes his own story will inspire hope and courage

Teacher Erica Lopez, a former suicide attempter, shares her story and healing journey in hopes that by writing about her own personal experiences, she can help stop others from thinking suicide is the only way out of the darkness they face.

Joining nine other women from around the world to co-author Alive to Thrive: Life After Attempting Suicide – Our Stories, Erica Lopez and her co-writers share the events leading up to the suicide attempt, how they felt during the moments the darkest times of their lives and how they overcame the hardships they faced to continue leading happy and successful lives, positively impacting others around the world.

Los Angeles — Erica Lopez is no stranger to suicide. She has lost both former students and a family member to this dreaded disease. With the number of teenagers and the increasing number of reported suicides around the world, teachers like Erica sharing their own story will save the lives of many students.

In the state of California alone, an average of 4,221.8 suicides has been recorded each year for the past decade. While the number of women who commit suicide is a quarter of that of men, the growing trend of suicide attempts is alarming. In the US and UK alone, an alarming 153 men and women, on average, commit suicide every day.

Ms Lopez, a woman determined to share her story in the hope that it brings a deeper awareness of why those who attempt suicide believe there is no way out. “You don’t think of anyone else. You just want the pain and the darkness to go away,” Erica says.

Passionate about writing, Ms. Lopez writes about the impact of infidelity, alcoholism, sexual assault, anxiety and depression. She has already written two previous books with others on how to get needed help before it’s too late, which she wrote while teaching and building her business. https://ericalifecoaching.com

As one of leading latino women in the Los Angeles community, Erica is building her coaching business to help women who suffer from domestic violence and alcoholism get sober and find a new lease of life free of physical abuse and mental and emotional abuse; three of the leading causes of suicide attempts in women.

Alive to Thrive – Life After Attempting Suicide: Our Stories was curated by Debbie Debonaire, UK suicide prevention advocate, and is published by Dawn Publishing, a UK publishing house that focuses on creating social change positive in the world by working with authors to create global impact. through literature, bringing human rights and cultural diversity to the masses through memoir and biographical genres.

“Reading Erica’s story was deeply moving and working with her was not only inspiring, but a real joy,” says Dawn Bates, international bestselling author of multiple books, author coach and founder of Dawn Publishing. she is building alongside her teaching career, I felt a real honor to know her and be part of her future vision to support women and communities across America. It’s not easy being a mom, and yet Erica is a mom, a grandmother, a teacher and It takes a huge commitment to make the world a better place and that should be celebrated”.

Ms Lopez says: ‘I wrote this chapter in Alive to Thrive with Dawn and Debbie in the hope that we can help people understand those who attempt suicide, because we don’t want to be lectured, patronized or have pity. We just need to hear that we’re going to get through this and have ideas on how to get to the other side.”

She is currently working with lead the change on a project with his students to raise suicide awareness and help prevent suicide. Leading Change is an organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation to become aware of the signs of suicide and help save a life.

With a growing trend of people seeking alternative healing modalities such as journaling, art therapy, sports, and herbal medicine, new conversations need to take place and new understandings need to be created. Bates says, “Numbing pain with antidepressants is not healthy, it just delays the inevitable and buries the pain and trauma that leads people down dark paths. We need to face the emotions and release them if we are ever going to have a chance to really truly understand why people attempt suicide and put in place practices and strategies to help others get the support they need.

Alive to Thrive: Life After Attempting Suicide – Our stories can be purchased online at https://geni.us/alivetothrive and department stores around the world.

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