Jamshedpur Jeevan volunteers receive special training on suicide prevention

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, April 17: Special training was given to volunteers of Jeevan, a social organization dedicated to the mental well-being of people, especially on suicide prevention. The program took place in the auditorium of the ADL Sunshine School in Kadma. Renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Deepak Kumar Giri who was the chief guest of the special training on suicide prevention inaugurated the program for all volunteers associated with Jeevan, a social organization in the city that makes every effort to suicide prevention.

Dr. Giri, while referring to the increase in mental disorders, appreciated the efficiency of Jeevan volunteers in shedding light on better and effective emotional support that could be given to patients with mental disorders. The founder of Jeevan, Dr. Mahavir Ram and the director, Dr. J Jain were also present on the occasion.

With the addition of new volunteers, Jeevan would succeed in providing free services to more people. People were asked to report acquaintances, friends and family members who were mentally stressed to contact Jeevan for free services and prevent them from taking the final step, suicide.

Durga Rao, Jeevan’s deputy director, said ignoring minor mental issues for a while leads to suicide. He said, “Human life is very precious. Don’t waste it by being afraid of small, short-term mental problems. Instead, face them boldly by following the advice of Jeevan volunteers.

Jeevan provides services 365 days and the hotline numbers were 9297777499 and 9297777500. The COVID-19 “blitzkrieg” resulted in the suicide of 55 people in three months. Infection rates, fear and confinement phases have resulted in negative mental states leading to an increase in suicides (258 in 2020 and 255 in 2021 with an average of 21 per 1 lakh). The start of 2022 has been better as the prevalence of COVID has eased (17-17 in January and February); but in March, the number of suicides again touched 21. To stop this growing trend, Jeevan added six volunteers from different fields