Darkness Into Light is a beacon of hope, says suicide prevention charity PIPS

The annual Darkness Into Light fundraising event is a lifeline for PIPS Suicide and Prevention Charity and the people who depend on it, said the charity’s executive director, Renee Quinn.

Residents of all counties in Northern Ireland are encouraged to sign up to take part in one of 16 organized walks proudly supported by Electric Ireland, each starting before sunrise at 4.15am on Saturday 7th May 2022.

Participants will begin their 5K walks in the dark and end them in the morning light, symbolizing a journey of hope as they come together to remember their loved ones and all those affected by suicide and to raising vital funds for 14 local mental health and suicide prevention charities.

Annette Kelly, Ambassador of Darkness Into Light and Renee Quinn, Executive Director of PIPS Suicide and Prevention Charity

“Quite simply, the money that comes from Darkness Into Light helps us keep our lights on and our doors open,” says Renee Quinn of PIPS.

“We receive no money from the government for our services, we are totally dependent on fundraising activities, so this is a very important annual event for us, and it helps us continue to provide the vital services we provide to members. of the community who walk through our doors in suicidal distress.

PIPS Suicide and Prevention Charity provides counseling services to members of the community who have had suicidal thoughts, acts of self-harm or who have lost loved ones to suicide. Renee Quinn explains that the pandemic has put additional pressure on the charity’s resources.

Executive Director Renée Quinn
Executive Director Renée Quinn

“In a normal, reasonable year, we would process around 4,500 to 5,000 sessions; during Covid, we handled 11,500 sessions,” she explains.

“These are people who come through our doors looking for invaluable support, and we can only do that with the support of Darkness Into Light.”

The event is proudly supported by Electric Ireland, who ensure that everyone in Northern Ireland is aware of the opportunity to participate in Darkness Into Light.

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“The support of Electric Ireland has helped increase the visibility and awareness of the Darkness Into Light event,” says Renee Quinn of PIPS. “It’s helped show family and friends that there is hope and light at the end of a dark time, and it really helps let people know you’re not alone. in this darkness.

“I encourage you to come [your local walk] Saturday, May 7,” she adds. “But you can also be involved in a very private family affair in your home, with family and friends, whether it’s just by lighting a candle or remembering a loved one you’ve lost during the year. Or you can choose to sign up and take on another activity like swimming, running or hiking, or a special challenge.

“It’s really about coming together and sharing that hope that levity brings to people.”

Find your local walk and register to participate at darkintolight.com

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