CALEDONIA – The Livingston County Suicide Prevention Task Force and partners will present a program on Operation SAVE at 10 a.m. on August 6 at First Presbyterian Church, 3080 Main St. Operation SAVE is a Veterans Administration-specific suicide prevention program. The presentation, “An Introduction to Suicide Prevention,” will include anRead More →

Researchers led by the Telethon Kids Institute have developed Australia’s first comprehensive guidelines for clinical and community services supporting LGBTQA+ young people at risk of suicide. This article contains a discussion of suicide prevention strategies. The guidelines are aimed at health professionals, community service providers and all organizations that haveRead More →

By Staci Knox In a great post-fight interview, professional fighter Paddy Pimblett recently opened about the loss of a friend by suicide. “I woke up Friday morning at 4 a.m. with a message that a friend of mine back home had committed suicide,” Pimblett said. “There’s a stigma in thisRead More → – Content warning: This article contains discussion of suicide. — Currently, suicide is the leading cause of death among young people. Between 2010 and 2020, the suicide rate has increased among young people aged 18 to 24. Young people also have the highest rates of hospitalization for intentional self-harm.Read More →