1% of future Gears of War revenue goes to suicide prevention charities

It’s time for your good news of the day, and it comes from the good guy Xbox and their studio The Coalition. The studio has pledged that 1% of all future armament of war-the related net income will be passed on to charities for the prevention of suicide. The Crisis Text Line was announced as its first partner. As suicide rates continue to rise, proactive action between the Coalition and charity partner Crisis Text Line to help support people with mental illnesses that could lead to suicide.

Speaking about the partnership and the studio’s deeds, The Coalition’s own studio head, Mike Crump, revealed the following,

we are proud to announce that the Coalition will donate 1% of the net income of all armament of war games and merchandise to organizations working to prevent suicide and fight loneliness through mental health promotion. This is a multi-year commitment our studio makes to give back to our community and create real-world impact. We are proud to announce Crisis Text Line as our premier partner. As we continue to develop and evolve this program, we hope to partner with more organizations around the world.

For those unfamiliar with the crisis text line, the Xbox Wire post, which announced the news described,

Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 high quality mental health support and crisis intervention in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland by empowering a community of Trained volunteers support people in their times of need. In the United States, support is available in English and Spanish. Text “PAUSE” to 741741 or WhatsApp to (443)-SUPPORT to reach volunteer crisis counselors available 24/7 to help you or a friend through any mental health crisis

Reflecting on the partnership, Dena Trujillo, CEO of Crisis Text Line, said the following

In 2021, we had 1.3 million texting conversations that needed help with issues like anxiety, depression and suicide. We are honored to partner with The Coalition & the armament of war franchise to increase access to mental health support and suicide prevention services. Partnerships like this are so essential to addressing America’s mental health crisis and achieving our vision of an empathetic world where no one feels alone,

The Xbox Wire post also outlines ways we can all contribute and make things better for those suffering from suicidal thoughts:

  • First and foremost, we encourage everyone to take a moment to check in on friends and family today. A small gesture like a text, DM, Xbox message, or even a call goes a long way in letting someone know you care.
  • Save “Text PAUSE to 741741” in your phone so you have it as a contact whenever you need it.
  • Join the conversation about suicide prevention, offer words of support and share the Crisis Text Line with people who may be struggling on our Twitter channel @GearsofWar or follow #NeverFightAlone.
  • Wear your support with the Never Fight Alone 2022 Benefits T-Shirt from the Xbox Gear Store or Game Planet for those in Mexico. Designed by our close friend, Luke Preece, all proceeds from the purchase of this special edition t-shirt will go directly to Crisis Text Line.
  • Microsoft Rewards members in the US can earn and donate points this weekend to Crisis Text Line by playing any armament of war Game. Download the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox to earn points and donate today.

At first glance, 1% may not seem like a lot, but considering the enormous size of the armament of war frankness, and the fact that it seems that Gears of War 6 may be on the way is a sudden surge in money flowing into the Xbox that can be redirected to those in need.