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suicide prevention

Signs of crisis
The presence of the following warning signs requires immediate attention and evaluation.

• Threatening to hurt or commit suicide

• Talking about death, dying or suicide

• Look for ways to kill yourself

• Seeking to access pills, weapons or other means

Additional warning signs come in a variety of forms, including expressed hopelessness, engagement in reckless and risky activities, withdrawal from family and friends, dramatic mood swings, increased alcohol consumption or drugs, etc.

TO REGISTER will help you act with care and compassion if you encounter someone in a suicidal crisis.
The acronym SAVE helps to remember important steps in suicide prevention.

Ssigns of suicidal thoughts should be recognized

Aask the most important question of all

Vvalidate the person’s experience

Eencourage treatment and speed up getting help

If you or a veteran you know is having difficulty, please review our same day care options:

Open Access Mental Health Clinic – Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; except for federal holidays.
Building 25, first floor
Franklin R. Sousley Campus
2250 Leestown Road, Lexington Ky 40511

emergency department – Open 24/7
Troy Bowling Campus
1101 Veterans Drive Lexington KY 40502

Crisis Line for Veterans
988, press #1
Text: 838255
Confidential chat on

For non-emergency needs, please contact the Lexington VA HCS Suicide Prevention Coordinator at ext. 3223 for any questions, comments or concerns.