Proposed Kentucky Suicide Prevention Law

FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — A bipartisan group of lawmakers plans to introduce a bill aimed at preventing suicide tragedies in Kentucky.

Research by the crisis prevention group, Whitney/Strong, indicates that every 17 hours a Kentuckian dies of a suicide by firearm, with 65 percent of suicide deaths in the state being by firearm.

These staggering statistics are the reason for the legislative change.

The CARR (Crisis Aversion and Rights Retention) bill would allow for the temporary transfer of a firearm from a person in crisis to a trusted family member or friend outside the home.

Steps are suggested to temporarily and safely transfer the weapon:

  1. A concerned family member or friend contacts law enforcement regarding the transfer of firearms due to a crisis.
  2. Law enforcement files for temporary transfer within the justice system.
  3. The judge analyzes all aspects of the situation and approves or refuses the transfer request.
  4. If approved, the firearms in question are temporarily transferred to a trusted person outside the home or law enforcement.
  5. A hearing is held to determine the best steps to take to help the person in crisis, this could include identifying appropriate support services.
  6. Firearms are returned if/when the person is no longer facing a crisis.

“This bill helps. This bill helps by providing a framework where people who are very close to someone in a crisis can get help from law enforcement and the courts to make sure the crisis is averted,” said Sen. Morgan McGarvey (D). , supporter of the bill.

The lawmakers emphasize that the removal is temporary and does not infringe on Second Amendment rights.

The bill is supported by well-established suicide prevention groups Whitney/Strong and the Sandy Hook Promise Organization.