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Members of a group called LaGrange Teen Suicide Prevention met Saturday at the home of co-founder Josie Miller. They celebrated the recent accomplishments of some members. Some were finishing college and others were finishing high school.

The event included a picnic and was special, Miller said. Students are an incredible inspiration to others and can help others now.

“It proves to everyone that any child facing adversity can succeed when given the right tools and gets the attention and support they need,” Miller said.

The Journal spoke Saturday with Diana Hernandez of South Bend, Ind. She graduated in May from IUSB. His story is one of the successes of the group. She overcame bulimia, depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts. She has shared her story with others at recent events, including one at Camp Amigo in Sturgis and will share it again at the group’s seminar in September, Suicide Prevention Month. This seminar is called “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People”. A golf outing is also planned in September.

LaGrange Teen Suicide Prevention began about five years ago when St. Joseph County, Michigan lost six children to suicide, Miller said. The group meets quarterly at Miller’s home. Find Lagrange Teen Suicide Prevention on Facebook for more information.