Graduate students intern at the Dutch National Center for Suicide Prevention

Caitlin Gregory, a master’s student from Portland, Tennessee, is in her second year in the Psychological Sciences program. Gregory recently returned from a week-long visit to the University of Groningen in the Netherlands where she completed the on-site part of her internship with 113 Suicide Prevention, the Dutch national center for suicide prevention.

Gregory has worked with Dr. Amy Brausch, Professor of Psychological Sciences, in suicide prevention research for more than four years. During this unique experience in the Netherlands,
Gregory has expanded his understanding of the warning signs of suicidal behavior and thoughts, which will allow him to make an even greater contribution to research in the field.

Gregory said, “As a first-generation student navigating academia, this is a unique experience to learn and grow as a person and a psychological researcher.”
Caitlin has attended conferences in Groningen and Amsterdam on the suicide prevention process and the risk factors involved in teenage suicide. She also presented research she has done at WKU and participated in brainstorming sessions with other students on future research ideas regarding suicidal behaviors.

“Being able to understand and respond confidently to someone’s situation and provide adequate help is all I’ve ever wanted. My commitment to suicide and self-harm research has made it my goal to continue to fight the stigma around mental health and contribute to the work being done to prevent more lives from being lost,” said Gregory.

After graduating from WKU, Caitlin plans to pursue a doctorate. in clinical psychology with a focus on suicidology and self-harm within marginalized communities. Her experiences in this internship will give her a competitive edge as a PhD student and allow her to learn more about responding to suicidal crises within diverse populations.

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