Deputy Pan invited to promote subway suicide prevention campaign

Mexico City 4.7 is the rate of suicide According to Inegi figures, per 100,000 inhabitants.

One of those places people use to hurt themselves Subway. Indeed, this Saturday, two people threw themselves on the track and died.

Due to the above, Local MP Gonzalo Espina Miranda Metro officials invited to promote new campaign suicide prevention,

According to the PAN MLA, there should be public policies that eradicate suicidal thoughts among users; In addition to psychological counseling or firm pathological actions that identify risks.

“Beyond advertisements or messages of encouragement to life, we are asking Metro to partner with UNAM or IPN to install modules in each STC station where people with suicidal tendencies can be welcomed. and monitored individually. “

He said that would be very helpful because compared to the younger population, they often need someone to listen to them and guide them on the issue.

“With doctors or specialists in psychology or mental health, it is possible to avoid suicide because they would give early care or, if necessary, after a career in the faculties or the university.”

From the local Congress, he explained, he would develop referral options for the population that needs medical help and cannot get it from the government.

“From my Civic Meditation module at QGimalpa, we will talk about the importance of healthy living, coexisting and, above all, expanding our labor market so that people have professional development opportunities and economic problems do not cause no emotional desperation Yes, exactly.

According to Inegi data, there were 7,896 suicides in Mexico in 2020, 700 more than in 2019 and 1,000 more than in 2018, recalls Laura Barrientos Nicolas, psychiatrist and academic at the Faculty of medicine (FM).

“Although women make more suicide attempts, they are less lethal. Men, on the other hand, have a much higher percentage: 81.6% of attempts are made,” he said.

Warning signs and how to prevent suicide

Suicide is a very complex mental health issue. Talking about wanting to die is a behavior that should be taken seriously and support should be given to those who show it. Other warning signs are:

– talk about feeling that there is no hope or reason to live
• Talk about trapped or excruciating pain
• Talk about being a burden to others
• Increase the consumption of alcohol or drugs
• acting anxious, restless or dangerous
• sleep too little or too much
• isolate themselves or feel isolated
• Showing anger or talking about revenge
• Demonstrate an excessive temper

If you detect one or more of these symptoms, do not leave them alone, seek help from a medical specialist, psychologist, thanatologist or therapist. Remove any weapons, substances, alcohol, drugs or sharp objects that may have been used in a suicide attempt.

Due to imprisonment, stress, anxiety, depression, violence and substance abuse, the number of requests for support received through Lifeline’s social media @LaLineaDeLaVidamx and @LineaDe_LaVida as well as by phone at 800 911 2000 increased. ,

Source: The Universal