BSD adds notification services to its suicide prevention program

GoGuardian notifies parents and support staff in schools if the program detects that a child is interacting with online content related to active suicide planning.

BOISE, Idaho — In an email sent to parents and guardians Wednesday morning, the Boise School District announced that it has adopted GoGuardian Beacon Services to enhance the district’s suicide prevention program.

According to the Boise School District (BSD), GoGuardian Beacon will notify parents, counselors and other support staff at its schools if the program detects that a child is interacting with online content related to active suicide planning at from February 16.

The services detect interaction if a child searches, creates, views or interacts with online content only on school-issued Chromebooks.

Notifications will automatically reach parents outside of school hours via email, BSD said. The email associated with a child in BSD’s student records system – Infinite Campus – is where tutors will receive these notifications.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 8.9% of high school students in the United States in 2019 reported having attempted suicide within the year.

Parents in the Boise School District are using the GoGuardian app to check their student’s activity that triggered the notification. BSD asks parents and guardians to confirm that their email address is correct on file for GoGuardian Beacon and other home communications.

“Parents/guardians continue to play a vital role in every child’s support network,” BSD said. “Boise School District Counseling Services provides counselling, guidance and crisis support.”

The district said GoGuardian and BSD cannot detect every situation where a child may be suicidal, and BSD will not monitor GoGuardian outside of school hours, on weekends, or on holidays. During these times, notifications are sent directly to parents.

“To help your child stay academic and safe online, GoGuardian collects certain personally identifiable information about your child,” BSD said. “GoGuardian has consulted with privacy experts, participates in privacy organizations, is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, and has received certifications from iKeepSafe to comply with both Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and California student privacy laws (which have served as a model for student privacy laws in many other states).

BSD reminds those involved in the district to contact school counselors for more information about the consultation. Individuals can also use the resources available below:

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: (208) 398-HELP,; or

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255, or text ‘TALK’ to 741741 at the Crisis Text Line.

The Trevor Project Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth: 1-866-488-7386

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